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A shoot  couple picture  to live passionately and naturally.

To be united in an environment that pleases you. Live an experience through connections that will reveal your love and leave even more in love than ever!  We will create precious memories that you can relive over time, photo prints, digital files, in photo albums or photo murals.

The couple photo session, Love Session or engagement session?

For those who want to remember a moment for two
- To young lovers  who wish to confirm their passion.
- To those couples in love who wish to live an accomplice moment.
- To those future bride and groom who want to offer beautiful photos for their announcement.
-  To enjoy the moment of a dating, wedding or PACS anniversary
- And for all those who wish to share a simple and beautiful intense human experience.

Capture your most beautiful moments as a couple!

Immortalize a moment for two;

Young couples who wish to crystallize their budding love.

Confirmed couples who wish to share a moment of complicity.

To the bride and groom who wish to offer themselves original photos for their wedding announcements.

For a marriage proposal and capturing the scene.

Take advantage of the moment to celebrate the anniversary of dating, marriage or PACS.

share a good time for a romantic getaway.

The light for the couple photo shoot.

A couple photo session is organized;

there are hours, skies or light that is more conducive to your desired style or style. We will see together while preparing the shooting and will compose as much as possible to create the best. Count on me.

The place for a beautiful couple photo shoot.

Like the light, the landscape or the environment construct photography. Highlighted or in the background, the decor contributes to the atmosphere of your couple photos. It's up to you to propose, to guide me in your universe. I could suggest you if you wish some tracks where we could stage play your couple. A beautiful stroll in your city to live a time with the chosen one of your heart. Far from everyday life, I offer you portraits that change selfies, to create beautiful photographs that will immortalize your love! My experience, my technique and my soul are at your disposal to help you release your complicity under my "nice" objectives.

Choose the couple photo session or  the formula that suits you

-Couple photo session around a walk, a game, a meeting, create your story and enter the universe that looks like you. Photo session dedicated to this unique moment in love.

couple shoot  


A moment of 1 hour

  • 5 High D efinition photos

  • Gallery of 20 to 30 photos to choose your most beautiful photos.

195 €

  • Except weekends and days  holidays

  • Additional HD file  20 €

  • Full gallery: €200

couple session


We take the time + or - 2 H

a unique session, a real moment of complicity


  • 10 High D efinition photos

  • Gallery of 40 to 60 photos to choose your most beautiful photos.

320 €

  • Book from 150 €

  • Additional HD file  20 €

  • Complete gallery: 250 €



Offer  a session

couple picture

A gift for life

  • A unique session, a real moment of complicity

  • Offer a unique experience with photographer Marc Legros to the love of your life or to the people you love.