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Photographe à Angers - Marc Legros - photographe de mariage & de famille - 49 Pays de la Loire - France

Photographer in Angers , Maine-et-Loire 49

For 20 years I have lived for and through photography. I obviously started with Argentic films  and in Black and White faithful to my humanist predecessors, Doisneau, Salgado, Walker Evans, Willy Ronis, Cartier Bresson.

My artistic research is based on the soul, the other … so  You.

Exhibitions for institutions I turned 10 years ago to individuals towards those who commit to each other to found or affirm a family. Based in Angers in Maine et Loire, I work in the Great West.

  I love the Angevins and their landscapes.

Whether they are from Angers de Cholet de Beaupréau de Saumur de Segré de Tiercé  of the Lion of Angers or Paris.

In fact I like to meet people who love each other.

With high-performance digital boxes, I always work on the essential basics of composition and I happily include color. Always passionate about people through reporting  or some stagings in the style of the American painter Edward Hopper  or the sulphurous photographer Bettina Rheims .

If you want authentic, elegant and timeless photographs.

I would be happy to talk with you about your lovely wedding or family photography project.

Photographe Angers Mariage chateau d'Angers.
photographe famille  famille d'Enora et Kevin maison d'Adam Angers.

Your photographic memories are your story... Let's write, photograph together your moments of life. 

Direct contact

+33 6 13 83 56 83

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