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Photo Pack

"full report"

  Preparations  at the first dances.

WEDDING REPORT:  It is the follow-up of the course of a day without staging or posing.  studio type  ". The watchword is to stay as natural as possible and to appreciate every moment.  This photographic approach consists in capturing on the spot all these little moments that are part of your day in the most natural way. To be honest, my work oscillates between reportage and staging adapted according to the lighting, the rehearsal  of a gesture, or the angle of a shot  But still suitable for  your style.


OUR EXCHANGES :  To realize  a report  photographic  of quality marriage it is necessary to enter in relation  with the bride and groom. It is of course our conversations that will fuel our relationships. What you want and what I can bring you will allow the quality of your wedding report. I will follow you if you wish until the realization of your wedding album.

LOVE ASSIGNMENT  or engagement session : This is  the opportunity to live the photographic experience with your kind  photographer some time before the wedding. It's also practically the first time that you and your  future will be  photographed by a professional.  The engagement photo session allows you to get to know each other, create a climate of trust and  to tame each other on each side of the camera. A way to feel  comfortable for you and for me on the wedding day  since we will have shared a great experience. The  engagement session is inevitable for the smooth running of your wedding photo report it is therefore included in my packs.

PREPARATIONS  of the bride and groom: That's it, we're there.  the  photo story begins friends, family, stress and  emotion are there.

the groom showers him in the bathroom mirror. The socks, the friends, the dad, the shirt, the buttons, the knot..... Then we go back to see the groom. She is made up surrounded by the mother, her  friends everyone is busy around her. obviously the wedding rings the bouquet the bedroom the details sometimes under the eye of a pet...


- Civil Town Hall  the guests are there they are waiting it is the arrival of the newlyweds  praised from all sides. for some it is the only solemn moment. The famous YES is pronounced twice, the kiss,  register signatures and that's already the output.

- Nuns ,   moment of strong meditation where the spouses will swear fidelity to each other.

- Secular ,   ceremony borrows strong emotions in a chosen setting.

GROUP PHOTO: the  group photo  should bring back happiness to the people who look at the photo albums. the image is there for remembrance. Wedding Group Photos are Important  for generations to come. A marriage without groups is meaningless. Noted that it is very difficult to take out of the ordinary wedding group photos.  (without step)

GROUP PHOTO  during the cocktail party:  All the stress of town hall and religious and secular ceremonies is  evacuated, the guests as well as the bride and groom are more relaxed photos of the relaxed groups; friends and  cousins etc.
The cocktail party has only just begun... The guests and the bride and groom only want two things: eating and having fun.  Report on the spot without the knowledge. People find each other, they joke among themselves. For some they haven't been seen for years.

COUPLE OR ROMANTIC PHOTOS:  At cocktail time  best time,  sneaky getaway. The same day or another day in one or more places in the area depending on the pack.

MEAL  :  The animations.  Between the courses there are always games.

PHOTOCALL  : a kind of animation, in the form of a studio,  at the time  a cocktail  or during the meal. A good way to have fun. I like to invite guests to pose and send lots of love to the bride and groom.  Emotional studio-quality guest photos.

OPENING OF THE BALL:  the first dances with the parents and then come the friends. and let's go for the atmosphere  dance floor.

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