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Information sur un photographe de famille et de mariage à Angers globe trotter

"I love photographing  Happy Souls". Wherever they are!

Originally from Le Havre , I discovered photography at the age of 25 in Quebec and graduated from the Dawson Institute of Montreal PQ Canada.  Among my curriculum, exhibitions and editions on  Europe, Asia, University, primary school, city etc... Rewarded by the Fondation de France in 2010 and the Academy of Arts and Belles Lettres of Angers in 2013 for my work "on the soul".

For 10 years I have been lending my name to family and wedding photography:

I put my artistic and technical knowledge of the image at the service of the memory of this precious and ephemeral moment. 

photographe Angers de mariage et de famille Marc Legros

Marc Legros
Angers - France

Marc Legros photographe à Angers Artiste humaniste

The mind



Soul Revealer.

Idealist of the soul and pragmatic by requirement,

this mixture of desire and reality gives my photography what I call

"fragile beauty" .

My photographs reflect my quest for a permanent search...

Photography is the language that has accompanied me for more than 20 years. My approach is that of the storyteller, the narrator of the human comedy :

More than a report, an authentic and benevolent work of memory.


If you are looking for an artisan photographer with a passion for human relations, Eureka, you are welcome.

My subject remains the human and I specialized in social wedding and family photography.

My commitment is to offer you these photographs, which go beyond the aesthetic beauty of fashions, to enrich your family heritage.

Thanks to your humanity, you allow me to continue to reveal what I call “fragile beauty”. This is how, thanks to you who place your trust in me  I live my job as a photographer.

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