wedding photographer  Le Mans,  Sarthe  72

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Photographer   of the Great West  

Photographer  Le Mans,  Sarthe  72

Reveal  your love  !

In  land of balance

  I love the Sarthois  whether they are from Le Mans ,  of The  Arrow , from Alencon ,  from La ferté-Bernard  or of Paris .

In fact I like to meet people who love each other.

Installed in Anjou in Angers , I travel to Le Mans,  throughout the department of Maine et Loire, Sarthe, Loire Atlantique ,  in Deux-Sèvres, in Vendée, in Charente-Maritime, but also in Brittany, in the Great West, the central region ,  and beyond. I follow you and invite you to go where places have meaning for you in order to create your memories. I could of course offer you some sites and settings in line with your story.

For 20 years I have lived for and through photography . I obviously started in Argentique  and in faithful Black and White  to my humanist predecessors ,  Doisneau , Walker Evans , Willy Ronis , Cartier-Bresson .

My artistic research is based on the soul , the other...  so WE .

Exhibitions for institutions I turned 5 years ago to individuals and more precisely  towards those who commit themselves to each other to found or affirm a family.  Based in Angers in Maine et Loire, I work in the region  center and far west .

With boxes  high-performance digital  I always work on the essential basics of composition and I happily include color. Always passionate about people through reporting  or a few  staging  like  by the American painter Edward Hopper  or the sulphurous photographer Bettina Rheims .

If you want  authentic photographs  ,  elegant  and timeless.

I  would be happy to talk with you about your lovely wedding project.

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Your wedding is your story... Let's write  the  together.  

Direct contact

+33 6 13 83 56 83